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Booking Your Tree Project

At Overberg Arborists, we've created a streamlined process to make scheduling your tree care services as easy and convenient as possible.

Here's how it works:

Step 1. 

Initial Inquiry: 

Our office ninja will be your first point of contact. She'll direct you to fill in a quick form (less than 2 min), WhatsApp us photos/videos of your trees or tree-related concerns. 

Step 2. 

Assessment by Head Arborists: 

You tree project card is promptly forwarded to our team of expert arborists for assessment. Our head arborists will carefully review the information provided, assess the condition of your trees, and develop a plan of action to address your specific needs. 

Step 3. 

Customized Quote: 

We'll will prepare a quote outlining the recommended services, costs, and any additional information. You'll receive your quote and contract via email for your review and approval. 

Step 4. 

Approval and Scheduling: 

When you accept the quote and pay the 50% deposit, we'll schedule your tree project for the nearest available date. Our waiting list is approximately 3-4 weeks. 

Step 5. 

Professional Service Delivery: 

On the scheduled day, the Overberg Arborists crew will arrive at your property fully equipped and ready to get to work. We'll carry out the agreed-upon services with precision and care, keeping safety as our top priority throughout the process. 

Step 6. 

Follow-Up and Support: 

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. After the completion of the job, we'll follow up with you to ensure that you're happy with the results. If you have any questions or concerns, our friendly team is always here to provide ongoing support and assistance. 

With our efficient process and office ninja dedicated to managing your inquiries and project details, you can expect a hassle-free


What To Expect from Overberg Arborists 

Our top-notch tree care services are designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We are committed to deliver a seamless and satisfying experience to each valued client.

Here's a closer look at the services we provide: 


Our highlight service is exclusive in depth consultations with our arborists and horticulturalists. During these consultations, our tree professionals assess your trees to provide you with a full report of the best recommendations and strategies for each tree's health and beauty. These consults can be done via video chat or in person (subject to availability - please ask to join the waiting list)


Pruning, Trimming, and Dead-Wooding: 

Regular pruning and trimming are essential for maintaining the healthy, vibrant trees. Our arborists are trained in expert pruning techniques to promote healthy growth, improve structural integrity, and enhance the overall aesthetics of your trees. 

Deadwood removal is crucial for preventing potential hazards and maintaining the safety of your property. Our experts will carefully identify and remove dead or decaying branches, reducing the risk of falling debris and improving the health of your trees. 

Tree Removals: 

In some cases, tree removal may be necessary due to disease, damage, or other factors. Our team has the expertise and equipment to safely and efficiently remove trees of all sizes, minimizing disruption to your property and ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. (We do not provide stump grinding services or land clearing, but we do have contacts for this - please ask our office ninja)


Please Note: Some municipalities require motivational letters for removal. This is also a service that we provide. 

Extreme and High-Risk Felling:

Trees located in challenging environments or posing a risk to nearby structures require specialized techniques for safe removal. Our arborists are trained in extreme and high-risk felling methods, allowing us to tackle even the most complex tree removals with precision and care.

How to take your tree photos: 

To provide you with the most accurate tree work recommendations and quote, we kindly ask you to take photos and a video of the tree in question. Please follow these steps as closely as possible: 

1. Back Up for the Full View:

Step back until you can fit the entire tree in the frame. This helps us gauge the tree's size and overall condition accurately. 

2. 360-Degree Video & Pictures:

Take a walk around the tree to capture its surroundings from all angles. This allows us to assess factors like neighbouring structures, landscape features, and potential obstacles. 

3. Access Path Clarity:

Don't forget to show us the access path to the tree. Clear photos of the pathway help us understand how easily we can reach the tree for inspection and any necessary work. 

By following these steps and providing clear photos, you'll help us better understand your tree related concerns and tailor our recommendations to your specific needs. 

Please note: if this is above your technological skill level or you have too many trees to document this way, we can arrange a call out to have a look in person. These are a flat rate of R600 plus travel. If you accept our tree work quote, the call out fee is wavered.


Other Specialist Services:

  •  Cabling & Bracing 

  • Root pruning and Root Barrier Installation 

  • Pest and Disease Solutions 

  • PSHB related services 

  • 24 Hour Emergency Tree Services 

Experience tree care excellence for yourself and discover why

we're the trusted choice for all your tree care needs.

Schedule your consultation and take the first step towards

healthier, happier trees. 

Happy Tree-ing 

The Overberg Arborists Crew

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