About Us

Overberg Arborists is a professional tree care business based in the small town of Napier, located at the heart of the Overberg district. We are HIGHLY passionate about our work as your friendly, local arborists. We regard client experience as our highest service ideal.

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Our Story

The concept of Overberg Arborists started over 4 years ago when a massive need for quality tree care services was recognized here in the Overberg District.


As we all know, fully matured trees such as Eucalyptus and Pine, commonly found here in the Western Cape as invasive species, can reach immense heights and overall size. The coordination effort that goes into safely maintaining or falling such a tree is definitely no small feat!

Overberg Arborists is the combined result of years of in the field experience as well as a keenly developed passion for ethical and sustainable tree care. Our results speak for themselves.


 This is where we stand out from the crowd, we ensure that our clients are fully informed about the dangers involved in every removal and we never take on work that is beyond our capabilities as that would not be true to the Overberg Arborist work ethic.


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