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Below you will find a full description of what our company stands for and also what to expect when working with us.

A Professional Arborist 

at every worksite

Overberg arborists operate as a partnership between our two arborists @andrepietersen7270 and @kylejoubert, together we have 6+ years of tree felling and sustainable removal experience.


We guarantee that either Andre’ or Kyle will be present at every worksite to ensure the safety of your property and our team.

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Climbing, Rope Access and Rigging

Our 2 professional arborists are responsible for climbing. rigging and rope access work to ensure every tree that poses risk to your property is carefully dismembered and removed. 


For projects such as tree topping and high-risk removals ( ie. heavy branches over roofs, fences, power and telephone lines, gardens etc.) we will be required to climb up into the tree, relying on our climbing equipment and systems for our safety.


We use state of the art rigging systems to carefully secure high-risk sections of your tree and gently lower them to the ground.


NOTE: This is a long and tedious, but very necessary process (We call this “Tree Surgery.”).

We support Local

Although we love working with all our clients, we have a special place in our hearts for the Overberg.


We love our local community and do our best to encourage and promote tree care and arboriculture in the Overberg.

Overberg Arborists believes that the most valuable contribution you make towards the sustainability and health of our planet as a homeowner is the trees that you cultivate and maintain in and around your property.

We strive to cultivate a greater awareness of the importance of trees in our environment and reiterate our responsibility towards proper care and maintenance.

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Biomass Removal Services

We include the removal of all biomass generated by the process of removal or care of your trees as standard practice.


We now also offer a wood chipping service as an addition to biomass removals after your trees have been cared for or removed.

Our optimal branch size for chipping biomass is 0-80mm in diameter. The TomCat chipper is operated by our experienced and efficient operator.

 Woodchips make for excellent ground cover to help reduce water usage and evaporation in your garden beds, it also adds to the organic fraction of your soil and it also makes for esthetic pathways to spruce up your garden.


Safety is our highest priority

Our arborists and staff are fully kitted with ALL necessary climbing- and chainsaw-safe PPE . Only our highly experienced arborists are allowed to operate chainsaws as these are very dangerous machines.


We are up to date on the latest climbing, felling, and rigging techniques. 


In the event that any damage occurs to property or persons under Overberg Arborist supervision, rest assured that we are fully insured and will have the proper protocol in place to handle the emergency efficiently and effectively. 

We also have a trained first responder on-site to take necessary control of most physical injuries that occur on the job. This is of utmost importance to us as this is an occupation that comes with many dangers.

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What is Sustainable Arboriculture?

We are passionate about sustainability and the future of our planet. We stand strongly against the deforestation of indigenous and ancient trees. 


Unfortunately, sometimes huge and very old trees can break, rot and become a danger to the surrounding humans, wildlife, infrastructure, and natural environment. In many of these cases, experienced arborists would need to come in to assess the situation.


We then carry out strategic operations to either remove the dangerous section of the tree or to remove the tree entirely. We ensure that all parts of the tree are utilised and respected. 


One of the ways that we use the bulk of removed trees is by transporting it to Vadersberg Farm to be debarked, milled into specified sizes, and then cured. You will also have the opportunity to buy back the cured timber at a discounted price.


We also offer to cut firewood stumps from felled alien trees such as Eucalyptus and Blackwattle.


We try to keep our footprint small and make a conscious effort to avoid any damage to the environment and eco-habitats surrounding the trees we are working on.