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  • Overberg Arborists offers tree services in the Western Cape, including 

    • Tree felling and tree removal,

    • Trimming & topping 

    • Tree pruning, shaping, and hedging

    • Mature tree planting and transplanting

    • Air layering for propagating precious trees

    • Cycad and palm tree trimming & shaping

    • Tree surgery and treatment,

    • Tree Surveys and pest/disease diagnostics,

    • Branch and biomass chipper (up to 80mm)

    • 24-Hour emergency tree service for storm damage & wind damage.

We serve property owners in need of excellence.

  • Overberg Arborists guarantees full owner oversite and involvement in every tree care project.

  • All employees are trained by Overberg Arborists and held to the highest quality standard.

  • We service all areas in the Western Cape, South Africa. This includes tree work and tree removals in:

    • The Overberg,

    • The Overstrand,

    • Boland,

    • Cape Town

If your specific location is not mentioned, don't hesitate to get in touch with us to enquire.


Expert Tree Felling for Maximum Safety

Whether your tree is nestled between buildings or near other structures, we have the expertise to execute safe and efficient removal.


Trust us for the secure removal of large trees in tight spaces.

Witness our skilled tree felling techniques on our Instagram page @overbergarborists12.

Choose the experts in safe tree felling.


Contact us today and rest easy knowing that your property is in capable hands.


BioMass Chipping

Transform your branches into valuable resources with our biomass chipping service.

Unlock the potential of your tree branches by utilizing our wood chipping service.


We specialize in chipping branches with a diameter of up to 80mm, turning them into versatile wood chips.

Don't let your branches go to waste!


Contact us now to schedule your BioMass chipping service and maximize the value of your tree trimmings.


Climbing, rigging, Shaping & pruning

Safeguard Your Trees with Advanced Climbing & Rope Systems

At Overberg Arborists, we specialize in providing

top-notch tree care using cutting-edge climbing and rope systems.


Our team is highly trained in the latest climbing technology, ensuring the utmost safety and precision in our tree care services.


Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the difference that our specialized techniques can make in the health and well-being of your trees.


Fully Insured
Tree Fellers

The safety of your property and our team is our utmost priority.


We understand the importance of having reliable protection in place.


That's why we are proud to be fully insured with Outsurance, a trusted insurance provider.


Choose the tree service  with a proven safety track record. 

Why choose Overberg Arborists
 as your tree service

We will be using their services again in the Fernkloof Private Gardens to keep managing the accumulating biomass and can recommend their services to anyone who requires this kind of management of trees that need removal, chipping, or trimming. 

Hermanus Botanical Society

It was such a pleasure to know that my many trees were in the good hands of Andre, Kyle and Troy.

Highly professional, well organised and knowledgeable

Pauline Burrows (Stanford, Western Cape)

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